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This Awesome Video Will Show What True Nepal is (Traverse Nepal: Milan Thapa)

What comes to your mind when you think about beautiful Nepal? Mountains? Landscapes? Adventurous Activities? So much thing right? If you are thinking about same. No worries. You are not alone.

Milan Thapa, who lives now in Boston USA, Massachusetts (originally from Pokhara) had similar thought just to you. He had a love for his motherland and wondering how beautiful Nepal is. He always had the passion to make Nepal known globally. To crush his wonders, he came up the project; TRAVERSE NEPAL.

He explained project TRAVERSE NEPAL on his video description,”Talking about this project, this is my cinematic presentation for my portfolio. It is definitely the most difficult project I have done until now. It took a lot of hard work and toll to come up with this final product.”

Now, enjoy this breathtaking videos of Traverse Nepal by Milan Thapa

Traverse Nepal: The Home Coming by Milan Thapa

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