Trekker’s Information Management System (TIMS) Card

TIMS stands for Trekker’s Information Management System. It is a dedicated information management system implemented jointly by Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) and Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN). The major objective of this system is to ensure safety and security of trekkers and also to control illegal trekking operations. It came into effect on Jan 1, 2008. Since then, the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN) and Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) started recording trekkers’ details and began issuing TIMS Card to trekkers.

Each and every trekking companies who have been operating in specific locations will be asked to provide personal information of trekkers such as; Passport No., Nationally, Contact Address and specific Itinerary. These all raw data will be uploaded into visitors; the database which can be accessed anytime in case of accidents or natural calamities in order to notify the concerned bodies about the trekkers’ number inside a trekking zone. TIMS cards should be collected by both Free Individual Trekkers (FITs) and trekkers taking the service of government authorized trekking agencies.

Origin of TIMS Card:

From the past experiences, TAAN has faced the difficulties while carrying out rescue operations during uncertain cases such as; Accidents and Natural Calamities. Those kinds of uncertain were prevailed due to to the lack of proper record system of trekkers, rescue and search missions used to face difficulties in spotting the missing trekkers.

Color and Price of TIMS Card:

Group trekkers will have to pay Blue TIMS cards by paying a fee of Rs 1,000 per person, while FITs have to get Green TIMS cards by paying a fee of Rs 2,000. Similarly, group trekkers from SAARC countries have to pay Rs 300 for TIMS cards, while FITs from the SAARC region have to pay Rs 600 each.