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Sam Chui: The World Most Famous Aviation Blogger & Vlogger traveled to Nepal

Sam Chui, one of the world-renowned aviation blogger, vlogger, photographer and journalist. He has traveled to over 100 countries, flown over 1800 flights and recorded over 3 million miles around the globe. 

In his recent visit, he flew to Nepal from Himalaya Airlines A320 in economy class. Most of the time he chooses First and Business class for travel. 

He writes in his blog post describing Nepal as “MY NEPAL FLYING ADVENTURE (NEPAL AIRLINES MA-60 & Y-12)” You can check the amazing pictures that he took while landing at Tribhuvan Int’l Airport. Here! 

Next day, he explored the domestic airport and flew to Biratnagar on Nepal Airlines. Sam is the man who can sit behind the cockpit and took some pictures with the captain. 

Then, he took a flight to Bhairawa on Nepal Airlines and explained that it is a gateway to Lumbini – the birthplace of Lord Buddha. 

Lastly, he went to visit the Aviation Museum which was near to the International Airport. Crash laned Turkish Airlines A330 was turned into a museum, where inside you will find a cafe with a gallery and a meeting room. 

Sharing his final thoughts on a journey to Nepal. He described that Nepal has an amazing view that will make anyone in love with. While he also talks about the disadvantages – flight delay due to the Poor visibility, expensive domestic flight cost due to the two-tier pricing system.

Now, watch this incredible vlog about Sam Chui, in his recent visit to Nepal. 

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